2nd IEEE International Workshop on Smart Communication Protocols and Algorithms - Summer
June 10-15, 2012 Ottawa, CANADA
in conjunction with IEEE ICC'12

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2nd IEEE Smart Communication Protocols & Algorithms 2012- Summer

Monday, June 10th, 2012, Ottawa (Canada)

Opening Session (8:30 – 8:40): Introduction to SCPA’12 - Summer

Joel Rodrigues
Instituto de Telecomunicações, Univ. of Beira Interior, Portugal
Chair SCPA 2012
Jaime Lloret
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
Chair SCPA 2012
Ivan Stojmenovic
University of Ottawa, Canada
Kai Lin
Dalian University of Technology, China
Session 1 (8:40 – 9:30): Keynote Speech: Smart Protocol and Algorithm for Internet of Things Liang Zhou, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
Break (10:00 – 10:30)
Session 2 (9:30 – 10; 10:30-12:00): SCPA – LTE and Network Layer
Session Chair: TBD
Cross Layer Design for Efficient Video Streaming over LTE Using Scalable Video Coding
Rakesh Radhakrishnan (University of Ottawa, Canada); Amiya Nayak (SITE, University of Ottawa, Canada)
Channel Quality-Based AMC and Smart Scheduling Scheme for SVC Video Transmission in LTE MBSFN Networks
Rakesh Radhakrishnan (University of Ottawa, Canada); Balaaji Tirouvengadam (University of Ottawa, Canada); Amiya Nayak (SITE, University of Ottawa, Canada)
A distributed, load-aware, power and frequency bargaining protocol for LTE-based networks
Vangelis Angelakis (Linköping University, Sweden); Muhammad Sajid (Linköping University, Sweden); Imran Siddiqui (Linköping University, Sweden); Di Yuan (Linköping University, Sweden)
A smart multi-hop hierarchical routing protocol for efficient video communication over wireless multimedia sensor network
Denis Lima Rosário (Federal University of Para, Brazil); Rodrigo Medeiros Costa (Federal University of Para, Brazil); Helder Paraensse (Federal University of Para, Brazil); Kássio Machado (Federal University of Para, Brazil); Eduardo Cerqueira (Federal University of Para, Brazil); Torsten Ingo Braun (University of Bern, Switzerland)
GORby: Interference-Aware Multicast for Wireless Mesh Network
Hasen Nicanfar (The University of British Columbia, Canada); Muhammad Jaseemuddin (Ryerson University, Canada); Ngok-Wah Ma (Ryerson University, Canada); Victor CM Leung (The University of British Columbia, Canada)
A Peer-to-Peer Self-organizing Scheme for Multiparty Session
Dhafer Ben Khedher (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada)
Lunch (12:00 – 13:30)
Session 3 (13:30 – 15:30): SCPA –Monitoring and Applications
Session Chair: TBD
Analyzing the Behavior of Top Spam Botnets
Rui Sousa (University of Aveiro, Portugal); Nuno Rodrigues (Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal); Paulo Salvador (Instituto de Telecomunicações, DETI, University of Aveiro, Portugal); António Nogueira (University of Aveiro/Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal)
Pheromone-based In-Network Processing for Wireless Sensor Network Monitoring Systems
Guillermo G Riva (National Technological University, Argentina); Jorge M Finochietto (National University of Córdoba, Argentina)
NETCONF agent for link state monitoring
Diogo Loureiro (University of Aveiro, DETI/IT, Portugal); Pedro A. Gonçalves (Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal); António Nogueira (University of Aveiro/Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal)
Interaction of HiveMind Application with Smart Conference System
Andrey Vasilev (Yaroslavl State University, Russia); Ilya Paramonov (Yaroslavl State University, Russia); Ekaterina Dashkova (Tampere University of Technology, Finland); Yevgeni Koucheryavy (Tampere University of Technology, Finland); Sergey I. Balandin (FRUCT Oy, Finland)
A Smartphone Design Approach to User Communication Interface for Administering Storage System Network
Weider D. Yu (San Jose State University, USA); Jason Hansen (San Jose State University, USA)
A Cellular Automaton Model for Connectivity Preserving Deployment of Mobile Wireless Sensors
Salimur Choudhury (Queen's University, Canada); Kai Salomaa (School of Computing Queen's University Canada, Canada); Selim G. Akl (Queen's University, Canada)
Adaptive Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization for Cognitive Radios
Ali Haider Mahdi (Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany); Jerome Mohanan (TU Ilmenau, Germany); Mohamed Abd rabou Ahmed Kalil (Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany); Andreas Mitschele-Thiel (Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany)
Break (15:30 – 16:00)
Session 4 (16:00 – 18:00): SCPA – Wireless channel and scheduling
Session Chair: TBD
A practical distance estimator through distributed RSSI/LQI processing - An experimental study
Madhanmohan Raju (University of Cincinnati, USA); Talmai B Oliveira (University of Cincinnati, USA); Dharma P Agrawal (University of Cincinnati, USA)
Using Minimization of Maximal Regret for Interface Selection in a Heterogeneous Wireless Network
Talmai B Oliveira (University of Cincinnati, USA); Srisudha Mahadevan (University of Cincinnati, USA); Dharma P Agrawal (University of Cincinnati, USA)
Size-Based and Channel-Aware Scheduling Algorithm Proposal for Mean Delay Optimization in Wireless Networks
Ianire Taboada (University of the Basque Country, Spain); Jose Oscar Fajardo (University of the Basque Country, Spain); Fidel Liberal (University of the Basque Country, Spain); Bego Blanco (University of the Basque Country, Spain)
Improved Channel Assignment for WLANs by Exploiting Partially Overlapped Channels with Novel CIR-Based User Number Estimation
Penghui Mi (The University of Western Ontario, Canada); Xianbin Wang (The University of Western Ontario, Canada)
Smart Scheduling and Feedback Allocation over Non-stationary Wireless Channels
Mehmet Karaca (Sabanci University, Turkey); Tansu Alpcan (The University of Melbourne, Australia); Ozgur Ercetin (Sabanci University, Turkey)
Fully Distributed State Estimation of Smart Grids
Yunxin (Jeff) Li (NICTA, Australia)

ICC 2012 Workshops

Sessions Matrix

Sunday, June 10th 08:30-18:00
Monday, June 11th 08:30-18:00
Monday, June 11th 08:30-12:30
Monday, June 11th 14:00-18:00
Friday, June 15th 08:30-12:30
Friday, June 15th 14:00-18:00

(SM1) Stardards

(SM1) Stardards
(M1) AMN

(M3) Storage

(F1) EHC
(M5) CloudNetsDC
(F3) ViOpt
(M6) GreeNet
(F5) MobiCHeSS
(M8) Netsurviv
(F6) NovaEnEv
(M9) U-Net

(M10) MONACom

(F8) RSN
(M11) CoCoNet4
(F10) SDN
(M12) E2Nets
(F11) GCN
(M13) FutureNet V
(F12) SFCS
(M14) SCPA
(F13) SmallNets 
(M15) SaCoNet-III


2nd Workshop on Advances in Mobile Networking AMN) – Towards a Next Generation Mobile Core Network
Re-think ICT infrastructure designs and operations ~ Disaster Recovery Lessons Learned from Great East Japan Earthquake
Workshop on Clouds, Networks and Data Centers
Workshop on Radar and Sonar Network
4th IEEE Workshop on Cooperative and Cognitive Mobile Network
3rd IEEE International Workshop onSmArt Communications in NEtworkTechnologies
2nd IEEE Workshop on Convergence among Heterogeneous Wireless Systems in Future Internet 
2nd IEEE International Workshop on Smart Communication Protocols and Algorithms
3rd Workshop On Energy Efficiency in Wireless Networks & Wireless Networks for Energy Efficiency 
Software Defined Networks
1st IEEE International Workshop on Energy Harvesting for Communication
First IEEE Int. Workshop on Security and Forensics in Communication Systems
FutureNet V
5th International Workshop on the Network of the Future
1st International Workshop on Small Cell Wireless Networks 
Workshop on Green Communications and Networking
Workshop on Telecommunications: From Research to Standards
(Full Day Sunday and Monday)
Cognitive Radio and Cooperation for Green Networking
Emerging Data Storage Technologies
Long Term HSPA Evolution
3rd IEEE Workshop on User-Centric Networking
1st IEEE International Workshop on Mobile Consumer Health Care Networks, Systems and Services
Realizing Advanced Video Optimized Wireless Networks
2nd IEEE International Workshop on Molecular and NanoscaleCommunications
Wireless Sensor Actor and Actuator Networks
New Trends in Optical Networks Survivability
Intelligent Vehicular Networking: V2V/V2I Communications and Applications
1st International Workshop on Novel approaches to Energy Measurement and Evaluation in Wireless Networks

For more information about ICC'12 program, you can click here.

Keynote speech: Smart Protocol and Algorithm for Internet of Things
Abstract: In this talk, we consider a power-aware intelligent protocol over internet of things (IoT). Specifically, we consider a generic IoT scenario where a multimedia server provides heterogeneous applications without knowing the application’s quality of experience (QoE) model and playout period. Our objective aims at dynamically adjusting the power allocation for each application over a uncertain period to maximize the system overall mean opinion score (MOS). Note that the practical QoE model can be observed over time, but the underlying functional relationship between the power and MOS is unknown. The highlight of this talk is to develop an intelligent protocol , in which one learns the satisfaction function and optimizes power-aware user satisfaction with on-line operation. Numerical simulation results validate the efficiency of the proposed protocol.

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